Wednesday, November 07, 2007

moved to xanga under err. peer pressure.
haha too much pressure from jess.
please update!thanks: D

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

jessica lim si ying, who says i don't update my blog!

i need a new skin. this is getting old, old, old. the old must go, the new has come.
theres some saying of that sort.. haha
but the new isn't necessarily always better, is it?
in fact, many a times, i prefer the old.
they're more sincere, more real, more suitable. i don't know. perhaps these are generalisations.
just like how i love older Christian songs, they're more simplistic, yet they are so forthright and so true. they don't run around in circles, they just declare how you feel.
the old days.
when ECP didn't exist(and wasnt $5!). when chicken was still cheap. when flour was still cheap. when noodles were still cheap. when gst was 3%. who says new is always better? hahahaha.

the older times, when everyone wore long skirts. when plastic surgery didn't exist. when genetic engineering didnt exist, when gm food were stranger to supermarkets, when things were what they were made to be. and not changed to be what they are now.


technology was meant to enhance and improve our lives. i mean, sure. it's done some good. but it carries plenty of social and ethical implications with it. so the bad cancels out the good and makes it a negative. is wanting to have a better life by developing technology being discontented with what we have, or simply wanting a better life?
then in that case, are our lives good enough?

i've been reading a book about socrates' teachings. its brought up a whole lot of interesting ideas i've never considered.
and anyway, the author even goes as far out to suggest that socrates didn't exist. socrates himself never did write down a single word. what we know of him is merely how his pupil(supposing socrates did exist and taught him), plato, described him to be in his writings.
both were amazing people.
but then of course the author of that book also points out that it doesnt really matter whether he existed or not. because we all are, or i'd say have the potential to be, socrates. we are all budding socrates.
a socrates is a person who isn't afraid to ask questions and continues to do so even when others disapprove.
wonder if i'm like that. haha.

okay anyway. my holidays have been. not really holiday-ish so far. have a feeling this is going to be one tiring holiday. not fit to be called holiday.
on a side note, i love the song 'holiday' by green day.

monday- went to sch to tutor math. realised that quite a lot of people failed math. anyway, i took grace :D haha i was quite surprised to see her there, didn't know she'd be there. then we went to kap and met laura and jia there, had lunch. haven't eaten there in a long time.

on a side note (again), i prefer macs to kfc. this is open to debate, anyone is welcome to state which you prefer and why on my tagboard. if you're that free. haha.
(i prefer macdonald's fries. they're saltier and crispier. and nicer. well)

and anyway we ate and ate then went back to sch and prepared a dance for the christmas musical.
shall not say anything about the musical yet. i will when we actually decide we want to perform for it. but we probably will. haha. the dance is pretty cool. we choreographed it :D

okay so that was monday. then came home and slacked my night away. haha

sorry that was so random. go watch!

okay then tuesday had theory. THEORY EXAM THIS SAT. DIE! i'm like nowhere ready. i'm not even halfway through the purple book. (The book you have to study to get general music knowledge to ensure that you get the 'likely composer, period and three reasons why' of the piece question correct)

tuesday was my last theory lesson, IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. WHOO!
tuesday was the last lesson i had with ms tan :( i love her. man, i'm going to miss her. she's the best piano teacher i ever had. fun, pretty, well-read, charismatic, talented, in-touch, not obiang, cool. she's pretty cool! ahhhhhhh. so sad! i'll see my new teacher next tuesday. he lives at dunearn rd. opp coronation. facing the main road. semi-d. bet its one of those huge pretty houses. cool. haha.

went to sch again yesterday. taught grace more math. blahblahblah. then had t-one prac with davchoo and keef in the afternoon. haha it was fun. jamming with them is fun. :D

then rushed home for dinner and bath and then rushed to g1 for soundboard training. a few days ago when i asked hann what time he said 'same time :)' i assumed that meant 7. so i was running late. so i msged him and said i would be there at 7.20. and i reached there on the dot : D

ANYWAY, when i got there i found out that 'same time' meant 7.30 and he didn't even bother to reply and tell me that i was early. and on top of that he had to make me go through soundboard training. and i think its obvious to everyone, even the ducks that i an incapable of anything technical-related. haha. i can only do written/theory tests. hahahah.
and it was just me and evan. I MEAN, of all the people in our team. why us? two girls? two girls who know nuts about sound engineering? AHHH. anyway, i learnt smth. joel gave us notes and we had a 15 min crash course. then went to the board and tried to process everything.still a little lost. haha. but somewhere there la. feel quite lost around sound engineering. ah well. we learn smth new everyday.. haha.

today. math again. haha. then i read the purple theory book the whole afternoon after a nap. then guit class. THE HOT CJ GUY CAME AGAIN. hahahahahahaha. but i dont think he's that hot anymore. what did he do to his hair lah! not nice anymore. and he wore jeans. which totally does not go with his brown and white striped shirt. FASHION CRISIS! his shirt goes much better with white berms (: hahahaha.

anyway, enough of that.

class party comm meeting at jess' house tmr :DDDDDDDDD

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I, Janice Soon, take back what I said on my blog about Kenneth Yeo being mean.

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i think i'm screwed. seriously.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

updates on my ohsoexciting life.

aiya, blogging is so tiresome. blah.
okay wed was fine dining/personal grooming workshop. i don't want to talk about it. i've told most people about it already anyway. but if you don't know and are interested, ask me. i'd be glad to tell you. just don't want to type everything down here.

mm friday was ms kon's farewell. so sad!
she's like. the most amazing principal i've ever known. okay i've only known three in my life before. but really, she is the utter embodiment of protocol and decorum and she carries herself with such grace and dignity and she's really a woman of God who practices godliness, excellence and love. and she speaks well too(: she is one amazing woman. really. its been a great two years with her. and she's served the school so well the last thirty years.
so anyway, we sang the full school song for her farewell. most people sang (normally only 2/5 the sch sings). i'm so proud of ms kon. and during assembly we were only supposed to sing the first verse as usual but the PA people played the full song version so halfway through the second verse they cut of the song. but most of us still continued singing anyway. i was so happy to hear everyone sing.
and jess was like. looking at me every two minutes waiting for me to cry -.- cause on thursday we watched this hongkong show which was soooo sad. even though there were many horny moments but the storyline is very sad. but the directing is super lousy. and every two minutes she would go 'this show is so spastic' and i would be down there crying. haha.
yeah so anyway we watched this video too on friday during the crime prevention talk and it was about this girl who went to jail and then while she's in jail eating her bread for breakfast there was a flashback on how her mother would buy her beehoon from the market every morning and she would complain about how she had to eat the same food everyday. and i started crying at that part too. i mean. its soo sad.
and then jess went' janice! why are you crying!' and made everyone turn around and stare at me =x
ahh. haha okay nvm.

played this weekend. amanda led us this week though. same team, diff WL.
we did shout of the king. i love love love love love that song! its so. cool. groovy. its like. okay i don't know how to describe it. haha.
anyway, it was fun playing this weekend. i learnt alot on my own playing this week actually.

and we had camy dg today.
went downstairs for chicken rice lunch. then we set off to clean lvl three hall and chapel. we were divded into two groups and the bigger group (2/3) cleaned the chapel cause it was bigger. i was at lvl three hall. so we swept, mopped, cleaned all the chairs, glass windows they keyboards, the stands, the pulpit, and samantha even cleaned the toilet. it was a good experience(: haha. joel was trying to teach us the concept of 'leading by serving'. pretty good way to bring the msg across i'd say. haha(:
the camy exco washed our feet. wow. haha. felt a little embarrassed (did i spell that correctly?) having hann wash my feet =x haha. then after that he prayed for me. cool. haha.
yeah then went home.

going back to sch next week on mon wed and thurs to teach mainstream girls math. haha. think i'll learn smth from that.


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